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Karofsky and Hummel love: It exists (in canon!)

It's canon. Deal with it, bitches.

So. You've stumbled across Karofsky/Hummel (or The Fury and Lady Face). It's about damn time.

This Community is dedicated to the pairing of Dave Karofsky and Kurt Hummel in the show Glee and the actors who play them.
In here you can find everything and anything to do with this pairing: Picspams, fan-fiction, fan-art, fanmixes, icons, fanvids, general views on the pairing. Basically, it's all go so long the focus it's on them.

Regarding fic:

Be aware of your audience and use logic.

If your fic features Dave Karofsky as a cartoonish villain to get Kurt and another character together then the fic doesn't belong here.

If your interpretation it's a serious portrayal of serious matters that have Dave Karofsky as its inciter, you can post here with very clear labels about the subject matter the readers will be dealing with and what characters are involved and how.

If you're not sure if your fic should be posted here please contact us here or send us a PM.

Now for some ground rules:

Don't link to f-locked entries. We'd really appreciate if you used tags, because we're stupid and can't find entries without them. Oh, and we'd like it if you put a subject for your entries. That's just because we're anal. Deal. Posting icons? Well, you can show three but the rest should be under a cut. Videos don't need to be under a cut unless you're posting multiple videos in one entry; common sense, people. Text!walls are welcome (really, we love how passionate you are about the ship), but we don't want flists clogged because that ain't cool, yo. Basically, if you have to think about it, you really should be using a cut. Out with the old, in with the new; post only new articles/videos that have juicy enough to deserve it's own post (Example: Big spoilers about Kurt or Dave in future episodes or big, in deept interviews with the actors) If you want to discuss something you found but it's not big enough to deserve it's own post you can discuss it at the Weekly Discussion Post. Simple, right?

Posting fic rules: Please include a Title, rating, genre, warning (if necessary), and brief summary in your post. All stories and spoilers under a cut. Once again: USE TAGS. You will be given an author tag when requested.


Posting art rules: Please include a rating and a warning (if necessary).

Rules that shouldn't even be listed because it's common sense:

1. Be nice.
2. No wank.
3. Critique an artist's work in a nice manner.
4. Character hate: Don't make a whole post about it entitled THIS GUY SUCKS or something along those lines. You're free to write characters any way you choose but if you receive a comment questioning it, be prepared to defend your work.
5. Trolling is not allowed. Report it immediately. Threads will be frozen or deleted.

If you need anything you can contact winehouse, astuta or hadmyheart via PM, or via our Contact a Mod post linked in the sidebar!

If you want to affiliate with us or to promote a community contact us beforehand and ask us.

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